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OK so FINALLY a picture of me for those who care

Me on May 27, 2008

Well, I promised a pic on here so here ya go. Its scary when you look back at the before pictures (see below). I can’t believe it. I am a very lucky man.


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Long time no blog…

Hello all,

Sorry to anyone who actually reads this. I have been a MAJOR slacker and have not posted for months. It has been an extremely busy year so far. Work is crazy as ususal, I finished up the school semester a couple of weeks ago and am just getting the rest of my life caught up. My weight loss is still moving although much slowly than before. I have lost a total of around 270 pounds and I must say my life is soooo different. I will try to get Cath to take a picture this week so I can post it up here.

I am really going to try to blog more as my journey through this life transition of mine continues. I am told that I will have to wait about a year more before I can have plastic surgery to remove all the loose skin. My goal is to lose another 50-70 pounds before then and the surgery will remove another 30-50 pounds. Thanks to all who support me and follow along with this blog. Feel free to comment at any time. Again I will try to get a picture up here this week.


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complete craziness in 2008!

The last two weeks have been completely INSANE! With work (2 jobs) and school and any home life I am trying to have I can barely breathe. I am looking forward to the weekend just to get caught up. My work days are filled with meetings that take me out of my building and across campus. Guess that’s why I make the big bucks right?Well at least we had a cool New Years party. See the pics here.


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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone who reads out there. It has been an awesome year for Cath and I and we hope that every year can be just half as good as this one has been.

Thanks to all who have submitted content for the wiki we put up. Again its http://www.bestlightsincolumbus.com/wiki

Speaking of my Catherine, she has gotten the flu that I had last week, and she is feeling like crap! I feel bad for her having to be sick on Christmas day, the one day she gets to not work or do anything. She is chuggin the nyquil and sleepin it off!

Again Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy New Year!


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Vacation time!!!!

Well sorta, I am done with going to the office for the year! And with school also on hiatus for a couple of weeks, its time for some serious R&R.

Going to see the folks Saturday to do the Xmas dinner and gift thing. Looking forward to it actually. Hasn’t felt much like Xmas around here this year, so will be good to get in the spirit.

Thanks to all who have contributed to our best lights in Columbus wiki site. We have visited the pickerington lights and are going to visit the clifton mill lights next week.

We am having a New Year’s eve bash this year at our house which should be way fun!

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Feelin like crap and all shut-in

Well day 3 of being down with a bad cold really sucks! I am feeling a little better, but this whole cold thing is really cramping my style. I have managed to get a few things done at home today despite it though, like swapping out the surface piece of my desk for the writing desk that was in the spare room. Of course I put a hole in the wall while trying to do so (see pic below). Oh well, nothing I can do but fix the hole and touch up the paint.

I am going to work tomorrow to wrap up things for the holidays!


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On the hunt for Christmas lights in Columbus

Me and the wife last night went out to find Christmas lights. Despite driving all over the northwest side of Columbus, we didn’t really see much.

So I decided to reach out to you folks on the Web and see if you can help us. I have put up a wiki site at


and have asked everyone I know to upload any information on any places you know about in the Columbus, Ohio area that has awesome Christmas lights. We have one response so far and are going to Pickerington tonight to see it.

If for some reason you can’t figure out the format for posting to wiki, please leave comment here or email me and I will post it for you.

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Thank God It’s Over

I am sooo happy the school trimester is over. This week was rough, with a final exam and a research paper to do, but it is done and so am I.

I am taking a week off work between the holidays and since school doesn’t start till January, it is going to be quite relaxing (and quiet too since the wifey is working ;-0)

We are also getting ready to buy an elliptical machine to complete our new workout room in our home.  This is especially exciting to me since I have been getting up at 5:30 in the cold weather 3-4 days a week to jaunt across town to the gym. We already own a bowflex, and weight bench, and a recumbent bike.

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Final week of the trimester

This is it, last week of the trimester. I only have a few things left but am pushing hard to get to the end of the trimester. I will definitely be glad to take a little break from it. It has been a rough few months with the new position at work in addition to the school classes.

Looking forward to vacation, even though I am not going anywhere or anything. Just a few days with no work or school to just enjoy life and to breathe a little bit.

A progress update on my weight loss. Well, it has been pretty stagnant the last few weeks. I am around 365 pounds and haven’t been gaining anything, but haven’t really lost much either. I continue to go to the gym and am starting tomorrow to log my food intake again to see where the trouble spots may be. It is not unusual to have the weight loss slow down after the first six months, but it still should be happening a little at a time so I have to focus on it.

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Trying out BlogDesk Application

Well this evening I am trying out an application called BlogDesk that is a WYSIWYG editor for various blog sites. Thought I would try this out as it has more formatting capabilities as well as categorization capability.

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